A La Carta:

Enchilada - $3.25
Ground beef, chicken, pork, or cheese.

Tostada - $3.75
Ground beef, chicken, pork, beans, or avocado.

Tamal - $2.75
Homemade, Oaxacan recipe.

Chile Relleno - $6.99
Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese.

Taco - $2.75
Ground beef, chicken, steak, al pastor, or chorizo.
Mexican style - cilantro and cebolla.
American style - lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.

Empanada - $2.75
Choice of ground beef or chicken with cheese wrapped in corn dough then deep fried to a crispy coating.
Served with lettuce and sour cream.

Quesadilla - $4.25
Ground beef, chicken, pork, cheese, or chorizo.

Torta - $8.00
Steak, al pastor, chorizo, chicken, or avocado.

Chips & Salsa - $4.50
A to-go order.